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RAGE Fitness Lift Grips front and back
RAGE Fitness Lift Grips product opened
Woman holding onto bar with RAGE Fitness Lift Grips on her hands
Woman doing chin-up with RAGE Fitness Lift Grips on her hands
Man lifting barbell with RAGE Fitness Lift Grips on his hands

Product Description

Elevate your weightlifting game with Rage Fitness Lift Grips! Crafted from premium leather, these essential grips are designed to power up your reps and lifts. Featuring a seamless flap enveloping the bar for a secure hold, enabling you to tackle more weight and reps on any barbell or weight with confidence.
The adjustable wrist strap, secured effortlessly with hook-and-loop closure, keeps the grips firmly in place during intense workouts. Available in four sizes, these grips cater to both men and women, making them the perfect addition to any strength training regimen.
Shield your hands from calluses, tears, and blisters while enjoying a non-slip, comfortable ergonomic grip throughout your lifts. Rage Fitness Lift Grips redefine your lifting experience, enabling you to push your limits while protecting your hands.


  • Premium natural leather seamless palms
  • Secure hook-and-loop closure wristband
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Made in the USA


To size grips: measure from bend of wrist to base of fingers

SM: under 4”

MD: 4” - 4.5”

LG: 4.5” - 5”

XL: 5” and up

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