What's Inside The Ex Kit

When it comes to fitness, convenience is key. That's why The Ex Kit by Rage Fitness is revolutionizing the way we work out. This complete home gym equipment solution is packed into a lightweight, durable bag, making it easy to carry your gym with you wherever you go. But what exactly is inside The Ex Kit that makes it such a game-changer? Let's take a closer look.

Easy-Slide Discs

The Ex Kit features two smooth plastic and molded foam easy-slide discs with a signature foam grip. These discs provide a low-impact yet highly effective way to engage multiple muscle groups, making them perfect for strength training and core workouts.
Easy-Slide Discs

Ankle Straps

For leg day enthusiasts, The Ex Kit includes two nylon oxford padded ankle straps with webbing hook-and-loop strap closures. These straps are designed to securely attach to resistance bands, allowing you to target your lower body.
Ankle Straps

Stretch Band

Enhance your flexibility and mobility with The Ex Kit's graduated loop nylon webbing stretch band. Whether you're aiming to improve your yoga practice or prevent injuries during workouts, this versatile band offers the perfect resistance for stretching exercises tailored to your needs.
Stretch Bands

Booty Bands

The Ex Kit comes equipped with two graduated heavy gauge nylon and elastic woven booty bands, perfect for sculpting and toning your glutes. From squats to hip thrusts, these bands add resistance to your lower body exercises for maximum results.
Booty bands

Resistance Bands

No home gym is complete without resistance bands, and The Ex Kit delivers with three non-latex rubber tubing bands with 30, 50, and 70 lb. options. With heavy-gauge clips for easy attachment, these bands offer a versatile way to add resistance to your workouts for strength training and muscle toning.
Resistance Bands

Grip Handles

Get a grip on your fitness goals with The Ex Kit's textured molded plastic grip handles. These handles feature nylon webbing straps for added durability, making them ideal for exercises like rows, curls, and presses.
Grip Handles

Door Anchor

Transform any door into a personal gym with The Ex Kit's heavy gauge molded foam and nylon webbing door anchor. Simply situate the foam cylinder in high, middle or low position and close your door over the webbing, then easily hook resistance bands through the secured “D” ring for a wide range of upper body exercises.
Door Anchor

Speed-Style Jump Rope

Elevate your cardio game with The Ex Kit's adjustable rubber-coated wire cable jump rope. Engineered for speed and durability, this speed-style jump rope offers a dynamic cardiovascular workout, perfect for improving agility, coordination, and calorie burn.
Speed-Style Jump Ropes

Instruction Cards

To help you get the most out of your workouts, The Ex Kit includes three double-sided laminated instruction cards with clear images and detailed instructions for various exercises, warm-ups, and cool-downs.
The Ex Kit Instruction Cards

Massage Ball

Soothe tired muscles and relieve tension with the solid rubber massage ball included in The Ex Kit. Whether you're targeting specific trigger points or simply indulging in some post-workout self-care, this massage ball is a must-have tool for recovery.
Massage Balls
The Ex Kit by Rage Fitness isn’t just a gym bag — it's your complete fitness solution packed into one convenient package. From enhancing flexibility with the stretch band to elevating your cardio with the speed-style jump rope, The Ex Kit has everything you need for a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Order your very own Ex Kit today!

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