We decided to put our manufacturing facility to good use…

Hello Family and Friends,
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We decided to put our manufacturing facility to good use to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We are honored to announce the Gibson Athletic / Rage Fitness “low risk” mask offering. These are considered “low risk” because they are not FDA approved and not intended to be used for direct contact with COVID-19 patients. These ARE recommended for prevention of asymptomatic carriers and reducing the spread of COVID-19. States like Louisiana, Colorado and others are strongly recommending their use. 

Wholesale Orders: Please contact us regarding price breaks for 5K, 15K, 50K and 100K unit orders.
Every purchase is a BOGO. Buy one GIVE one. We are donating one reusable mask to a homeless shelter or organization in need. We have an order for 20,000 per week from a large corporation here in Denver. We’re planning on ramping up to 50,000 per day. If you all need any, please let Tam or I know. 
For more information:
Please call 800-275-5999 or visit www.gibsonathletic.com or www.ragefitness.com
Pass this information along to anyone you think might want it. 
Stay Healthy!