Today was our first full day of mass production…

Today was our first full day of mass production on the disposable masks. We have an order for 20,000 that will be filled by Friday. 

We have had numerous fire departments, police stations, gyms, clubs, retirement communities and businesses of all kind reach out to us regarding our offering. 

ABOUT OUR MASKS: These are washable, dryable and reusable masks. They are designed to be washed and dryed in high heat and use of bleach is acceptable to eliminate any contamination. We have behind the ear, behind the head, elastics and tie-behind options. They are designed with a pocket so you can use your own filter if desired. They are also designed to go over N95 masks so you protect the N95. Pictures of our offering are being loaded on Gibson Athletic and Rage Fitness tonight.

You will be able to buy them by calling 800-275-5999, or by visiting or



Prices will range from $7.99 to $19.99.  Every purchase will be a BOGO.  BUY ONE GIVE ONE. Every mask you buy includes a donation of a mask to someone in need. Homeless shelters and non-profits will be our initial focus. We will also be looking to donate to our service organizations. Military, Police, Fire, etc.   
Please note, your mask purchase also helps keep people employed at a small business, it helps people in the community fight COVID-19, it helps people in need who can’t afford masks and most of all…it keeps us all a little safer.



These masks are not rated. They are considered “low risk mask“. Until the testing is complete at University of Colorado and/or the FDA.

Since we manufacture them here, let us know if you have any cool ideas for additional styles. We’ll see what we can do. 

Brian E. Smith