At Gibson Athletic, Rage Fitness and Moving Mountains Therapy, we are always committed to doing more.


Today, I am honored to announce that we are pivoting our entire manufacturing and production facility to support the efforts in fighting COVID-19. We’ve been working with local and state government as well as our local hospital system for six weeks to find the right materials and present products that are easily produced, safe to use and needed in the market. With the commitment from our employees, we now have the capacity to produce 5,000 washable cloth ‘low-risk’ masks per day or up to 50,000 disposable masks per day. We have the capacity to produce 500 washable hospital gowns per day. We can produce 50 steel frame hospital beds per day. We have been making small batches up till now but demand has exploded and we are here to assist. 

With every purchase of a mask, we will donate PPE to the front line doctors and nurses in need. You will also be supporting a small business and its employees. There will be no profit generated from production of items needed to fight COVID-19. We simply want to keep people employed and donate to those who are in need. 

We’re taking all safety precautions to avoid contamination. The production of masks is being done in a sanitary, negative pressure sewing facility. All employees are wearing mask and gloves during production of PPE. We exercise social distancing, we sanitize the building daily, our hands get washed-in and washed-out at beginning of shift, every break and lunch, we’ve eliminated walk-in traffic temporarily, we’ve temporarily eliminated company travel, we have daily huddles (6’ apart) to check-in on everyone’s health. We’re giving hazard pay and incentives to all essential employees who are still coming to work. We’re finding a way through this. With your help, we can get the word out there. We appreciate your support and your comments. If you like us, please tell someone.  

Although we are not on the front lines like the healthcare heroes caring for the sick, at Rage Fitness we are doing our part to keep people healthy. The home fitness market has exploded.  Perhaps a silver lining emerging from COVID-19 is that people are more focused on their health than ever before.

I want to share something with you that brings meaning to not only our brand, but who we are, why we get up every day. It is why we fight through times like this and rise above. It is why we all collectively say “We’ll get through this”. Because we ALL have a sense of RAGE.  
Do You Have Rage?
Anyone who truly desires to succeed in his or her own life must possess, or develop, a true sense of “Rage”. This element is simply an absolute, tunnel vision, maniacal focus on fulfillment and success. Beyond the vagueness of wanting, hoping, wishing, planning and even passion, presides the certainty of Rage.

Rage is more than knowing what you are passionate about. It is one click beyond mere passion and desire. It is total, head-first commitment every minute of every day. It is what distinguishes the Superstars from the average or the modest achievers.

The motivational form of Rage that I’m referring to is not fueled by anger, hatred, revenge or any negative force. In fact, it has the power to turn those negative feelings into positive action. Motivational Rage is powered by optimism, the belief that nothing can hold you back or stop you and that when negative events occur, you have the power to turn them into positive energy.
Rage knows no fear. Those who truly have it never, ever give up because failure is not an option. It blocks off all choices. It propels you out of your comfort zone and off the edge in a flying leap without a net. ­— by author Larry Thompson
Stay healthy everyone!
Brian E. Smith