RAGE Fitplay

RAGE® FITPLAY is the innovative fitness app from RAGE Fitness®

- 900,000+ workouts available on your phone or tablet
- Customizable to your equipment and personal workout choices
- set your own intensity levels and save your benchmarks
- Includes how-to guidelines and videos
- Take your RAGE® FITPLAY anywhere, and never miss a workout!

My Gym - Create your own "personalized gym" in My Gym by adding equipment that you own or have access to.
Using the My GYM filter, you can create a workout specifically designed for you and the equipment you have at hand.

Workout Randomizer- Reinvigorate your routine with the Workout Randomizer.
This unique feature automatically mixes your workouts and alters each exercise to adapt to your fitness level.
Change your number of movements, repetitions, weight level, and time intensity on a scale of 1-10 to match your daily needs and comfort level.
Never get bored, keep your body challenged and avoid plateaus.

Workout Library- Everything you need is available in your personal workout library.
Store, monitor and retrieve previous workouts. Search for the latest in exercise innovations and functional movements.

Time/Clock- Choose from a variety of time clocks to suit your needs or exercise preference (e.g., 20/20, AMRAP, EMOM, Fight Gone BAD, Stopwatch, and Tabata, etc.).
Time/Clock switches to full screen mode for easy viewing during your workout. Store your time for future reference, goal setting and performance tracking.


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