Rage Fitness Timer Instructions


The Initial Screen

  • 1. At start-up, you have a few options.
    You can click the 'Select a Timer' drop-down. This will pull up a list of all existing timers, plus a 'New Timer...' option. More details on each option below.
  • 2. The Settings Menu
  • 3. Go Full-Screen
  • 4. Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started (Settings)

To set your desired settings, click the icon in #2 above.

The Settings menu only has a few options at this time.

The top check-box identifies if you want the timer to play sounds at all. If not, ignore the next three items.

The next three drop-boxes dictate what sound file is played at start-of-round, end-of-round, and end-of-workout. Currently the sound files available are minimal. If you have other sounds you would like to include, see the Feedback section below.

The 'Include Final Rest' checkbox is normally set to off. It just dictates whether you want to time the last rest in a multi-set workout, or ignore it and end after the last work interval. This is an overall setting right now, but if there is enough demand, we can make it an individual-timer-specific function.

Once you've got your settings where you want them, make sure you save.

Be careful of the last button, it resets the settings to the initial settings at install time.

Setting up a Timer

Once you've got your initial setting set up, its time to make some timers. There are a few example timers included with the product, which you can keep or delete at your discretion.

To add a new timer, click the 'Select a Timer' drop-down in #1 above, and click the 'New Timer...' option. This brings up an empty timer setup screen.

  • Timer Name. This name is how the timer will be identified in the drop-down menu for later use. It can be whatever name you want. "AMRAP 20", "Tabata This", "30 Second Drills", or whatever else you would like.
  • Number of Sets. How many times you will repeat the round/rest pattern defined later. For example, in the normal 'Fight Gone Bad' workout, this field would be 3 (3 sets of 5 1-minute rounds).
  • Rest Between Sets. Your rest time between sets, in minutes and/or seconds.
  • Rounds Per Set. This is the number of rounds executed for each set defined in 'Number of Sets' above.
  • Round Length. Your work time each round, in minutes and/or seconds.
  • Rest Between Rounds. Your rest time between rounds, in minutes and/or seconds.
  • Countdown Time. The number of seconds countdown before the timer starts the first set. (you can set it high if you are alone and have to get into a rower or something).

The five icons at the bottom are, from left to right: Start, OK, Save, Cancel, and Delete.

  • Start. Immediately starts the timer WITHOUT SAVING.
  • OK. Puts up the ready screen without starting the timer and without saving (You will need to hit the start button to start the timer).
  • Save. This saves your timer for later use.
  • Cancel. This throws away your changes without saving anything.
  • Delete. This removes the current timer from the database.

Starting a Timer

To pull-up and use a timer, first select an existing timer from the drop-down menu in the top-center of the screen, by clicking on it. This will bring up the edit screen you used to setup a timer above. Note that if you have a small change to an existing timer, you can make that change now without saving and use it for this workout. For example, if I have an AMRAP 20 saved, but want to do an AMRAP 15, I just need to change the 20 to a 15 and click OK. It will be an AMRAP 20 when I go back to it, but is an AMRAP 15 until you hit the 'Stop' button (see below).

To get to the initial start screen, whether you make changes or not, hit the OK button.
If you know everything is right and just want to get the thing started, hit the 'Start' button (far-left icon).

The initial start screen has a number of pieces of data you need to be aware of.

  • 1. Current Set. This field shows what set your are on, and how many total sets there are.
  • 2. This is your 'Edit Timer' drop-down. Click this down-arrow and you can edit your current timer. NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED, THIS WILL RESET THE TIMER!!
  • 3. Current Round. This field shows what round you are on in the current set, and how many total rounds there are in each set.
  • 4. This is your current round, round rest, or set rest time. The background color tells you what is happening. If it is green, it is round/work time. Red is round rest. Yellow is set rest.
  • 5. This shows your current time and total time you have left, including all work and rest.
  • 6. Restart. This will reset your current timer to the initial screen, without clearing out the timer.
  • 7. Start. This starts your countdown time, get ready to work.
  • 8. Stop. This stops everything, clears out the current timer and returns you to the front page.

Once the timer has started, the middle icon at the bottom will change.

You can click that center (pause) button to just pause everything and restart at the current location once you've fixed whatever the problem was. The pause button becomes a start button again, just click that start button to restart the timer without resetting anything.


We are actively seeking enhancement requests for the timer. If you have requests for added functionality, new timers, clarification questions on the timer itself, or anything else having to do with the timer, please email Steve Paul (owner of CrossFit Denver) is the creator of the fitness clock and coordinates all enhancements.

Below is a snapshot of how the clock looks at the CrossFit Denver facility.